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Are you wondering who Nathan Fillion is? Remember the scene in “Saving Private Ryan” when Tom Hanks mistakenly tells the other Private Ryan he’s going home but soon puts it together that this isn’t the Private Ryan he’s looking for? That’s Nathan Fillion. Canadian born and bred, Nathan studied at two Alberta colleges – Concordia University College and the University of Alberta – before moving to New York in 1994 at the age of 23 where he snagged the coveted role of Joey Buchanan on the soap “One Life to Live.” Within two years, young Nathan had a Daytime Emmy nomination under his belt, and by 1998, he was in Los Angeles as supporting character Johnny Donnelly on the sitcom “Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place.” Parts on short-lived television shows continued to plague Nathan: after a five-episode appearance on “Buffy: the Vampire Slayer,” lead roles in “Firefly” and “Miss Match” followed.

On the big screen, director Josh Whedon transformed “Firefly” on to the big screen for the sci-fi thriller “Serenity” in 2005. He voiced Vigilante on “Justice League” for a few episodes and had the lead role of Abe Dale in “White Noise 2: The Light” in 2007. Also in 2007, he’s Keri Russell’s romantic interest in “Waitress” and joined the cast of “Desperate Housewives” as Adam Mayfair. He seems at his best when doing science fiction, as well as supporting, villainous characters. Regardless, he’s marked in history for his contribution to “Saving Private Ryan,” perfectly embodying the confused young soldier who would like nothing more than to go home.

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Nathan on the Web

A comprehensive look at what Nathan’s done throughout his career.

Nathan on the Screen

During his time as Joey Buchanan on “One Life to Live” from 1994 – 1997, Nathan appeared as a guest on “Spin City,” “Total Security” and “Maggie Winter’s.” He’s the Minnesota Ryan in “Saving Private Ryan,” Alicia Silverstone’s ex-boyfriend in “Blast from the Past,” Michael Ryan on “The Outer Limits,” Father David in “Dracula 2000,” Johnny Donnelly for 40 episodes on “Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place,” Caleb on five episodes of “Buffy,” and Captain Malcolm Reynolds for 14 episodes on “Firefly.” He’s Robert in “Water’s Edge,” Luke in “Outing Riley,” and Adam Logan for six episodes of “Miss Match.” He voices Gao the Lesser in the video game “Jade Empire,” plays Rev. Collins for three episodes on the short-lived prime time soap “Pasadena,” reprises his role of Captain Malcolm from “Firefly” in the feature “Serenity,” is Bill Pardy in “Slither,” takes up the reins from Michael Keaton for “White Noise 2,” is Dr. Pomatter in “Waitress,” Alex Tully for six episodes of “Drive,” and is Adam Mayfair on “Desperate Housewives.”

Nathan Says

On playing a villain:
“You want to be bad everyday.”

On the cancellation of Firefly:
“I broke the cardinal rule of don't fall in love with what you're doing, because the rug can get yanked out from underneath you, and when it did, I was heartbroken.”

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