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Kevin McKidd was born to play the title role of Dan Vassar in the NBC prime time fantasy drama “Journeyman.” It’s a title aptly suited for the actor himself. Prior to landing the role in 2007, Kevin spent his career portraying characters of not only diverse ethnicities and origins, but also in different time periods. Gaining attention and acclaim as Lucius Vorenus, a Roman soldier in Caesar’s army on the HBO series “Rome,” Kevin’s chiseled Scottish features marks him as an actor perfect for believable characters of almost any historical time period.

Indeed, Kevin has participated in such eclectic time periods as 14th century England (“Richard II”), 16th century England (“The Virgin Queen”), 19th century England (“Nicholas Nickleby,” “Topsy-Turvy”), 16th century Scotland (“Gunpowder, Treason & Plot”), 12th century Jerusalem (Ridley Scott’s “Kingdom of Heaven”), 1920s America (“De-Lovely”), Germany’s Weimar Republic (“Max”), World War I (“Regeneration”), World War II (“The Rocket Post, “Hannibal Rising”), 19th century Russia (“Anna Karenina”), and ancient Rome twice (“Rome,” “The Last Legion”).

Kevin’s passion for acting stemmed from theater which he studied in Scotland at the Moray Youth Theatre. When it came time for university studies, Kevin first chose practicality over his dream – majoring in Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. But he never stopped involving himself in theatre, and after joining the school’s Bedlam Theatre, he dropped out to pursue the craft full time. Kevin’s screen debut happened to be in the highly touted “Trainspotting” as Tommy. It was his introduction to an incredible journey of different eras, worlds and experiences. Moving to Hollywood for “Journeyman,” Kevin now basks in an envious position – he is a much sought after rising star. And at 34, Kevin is peaking at just the right time. Now it’s a matter of the quality of projects suiting the quality of the actor.

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Kevin on the Web

Great database to learn all about Kevin.

Kevin on the Screen

Making his debut in Danny Boyle’s “Trainspotting,” Kevin participated in numerous U.K. productions in the late 1990s, among them “Regeneration” with Jonathan Pryce and Johnny Lee Miller, “Dad Savage” and “The Acid House.” He’s Henning in the Kate Winslet film “Hideous Kinky” and part of the Mike Leigh comedy “Topsy-Turvy.” He was part of the U.K. television show “North Square” in 2000, appears in the John Cusack Hitler movie “Max” in 2002, the Dickens adaptation “Nicholas Nickleby,” and earned critical acclaim as Frankie in “16 Years of Alcohol,” for which he was nominated for a BAFTA Scotland Award. The attention propelled Kevin into higher profile projects such as the Cole Porter biopic with Kevin Kline, the Crusades epic “Kingdom of Heaven,” appearances in “Hannibal Rising” and “The Last Legion,” and most notably the HBO series “Rome,” which ran for two seasons from 2005 to 2007. “Journeyman” put him on primetime American television, and Kevin seized the opportunity while also donning lead roles in big screen efforts – including a forthcoming biopic of Dylan Thomas, with Kevin in the lead as the alcoholic poet.

Kevin Says

On his two loves:
“I love whiskey and haggis. I can't get enough of either.”

On the move to L.A.:
“My wife’s a really cool woman who’s up for stuff. She isn’t entrenched in some cosy lifestyle. So we just said, ‘What the hell, give it a shot and see what happens.’”

On staying in Hollywood:
“I think that’s short-sighted. I’m really missing Scotland a lot; I’m quite homesick at the moment. So the thought of going to Scotland would be quite nice.”

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