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The Predator Collection DVD Giveaway

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They rule the grassy battlefields of the Serengeti and reign supreme over the perilous rivers of Botswana. They are the world’s deadliest predators: the big cats and big crocs of the African wild. Pack hunters or lone assassins, each possesses its own lethal skill set, which it needs in order to stay alive in one of the most unpredictable environments.

Follow nature’s fiercest killers on their fight for survival in “The Predator Collection,” attacking DVD on November 13th, with four exciting programs that take you from the top of the Savannah food chain to the depths of the Okavango Delta, where every day is a battle for supremacy and survival, even for the fiercest, fastest, most ferocious killers in existence. Meet the “Big Cats of the Savannah,” the only place in the world where lions, leopards and cheetahs coexist, not always peacefully. Then, follow a mother cheetah running for her life… and the lives of her three cubs in “Cheetah: Price of Speed.” Witness “Lions in Battle,” where the harshest season in decades forces a desperate pride to attack a much larger from of prey. And finally, “Diving with Crocodiles” drops you into the lair of Africa’s number one killer of humans: the Nile crocodile.

In conjunction with its release, Bullz-Eye is giving five lucky winners a copy of the new DVD set. Click here to enter for your chance to win, and then be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates on new contests and giveaways.


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