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Concert Reviews and Interviews:  Lattimer of HotSockey

Interview by: Mike Farley 

Click here
for Mike's review of  HotSockey, the self-titled album from HotSockey. 

Currently spreading their addictive power pop music all over New York and beyond, HotSocky is a name you should become familiar with. Just remember you heard it here first. I got to talk to lead singer Lattimer and allow for a peek into the world of HotSocky.


Mike Farley: Most of the world has not heard you guys yet -- give me five words to describe HotSocky.
Lattimer: “Big Hot Secret Agent Music” or “Power Pop Punk”

MF: Those songs are so damn infectious. Who takes the songwriting credit? What is the writing process for the band like? 
L: The songs come to us by different ways and means each time. Sometimes in the night, or on the crest of a wave, a message in a toaster or on a late night infomercial. It's hard telling not knowing. Mostly Lattimer breathes the life into these timeless wonders, “It’s all about creating beautiful accidents,” but each member of HotSocky zaps these creatures with the defibrillators of creativity, bringing life to the song until they eventually play us more than we play them.

MF: Are you on a label? If not, what kind of interest have you guys had from the labels?
L: We are not currently involved with a particular label -- it seems most of their interests are very uninteresting. 

MF: Could you be talking about all the crap on radio today? 
L: Yes.

MF: Where do you think HotSocky will fit into today's music world?
L: A better question would be does today's music fit into HotSocky? We don't really fit into the trends of today's "popular" music. There are some overlapping areas; for example we are very fine looking fellows, but there are some very different aspects of our music and the "popular" music today, which is clearly obvious with a listen to our current record.

MF: Do you find the fact that your music doesn't fit into today's "popular" music annoying or is it cool to be different?
L: Both.

MF: What's been the high point of your careers so far?
L: We drove through Denver once, that's pretty high. Besides that, every time we perform. So the next “High Point” will be (see tour dates on

MF: I hear all kinds of influences, some of them retro like early Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson to early Who. What would you use as a comparison?
L: We appreciate being likened to anyone who doesn't suck. We've heard a lot of comparisons. People say they can't make direct correlations. We use our lack of ability to our advantage. So even when we try to sound like a combination between Black Sabbath and Bread we come off sounding like HotSocky.

MF: Black Sabbath and Bread? Nice! Any plans to tour?
L: We view HotSocky as a continuous tour with many small breaks, whether a day, or two weeks off. Our band is very close, so we spend a lot of time together regardless of performances. It's more like a tour of life by some people who play music, and may I mention very good-looking people. Although we do enjoy HotSocky life tour when it reaches new peoples. Our most resent stops have been in Boston, Cleveland and Indianapolis, and a lot of life was closely spent together touring. Plus we just finished recording a record with Vess Ruhtenberg of “The Pieces” in Indianapolis. We plan on releasing this creation on a small label (yet unknown) sometime this fall and touring through the winter and spring.

MF: You've been together two years and things are starting to roll, with a heavy buzz going in NY. Where would you like to see this band this time next year? How about five years?
L: First off, if you are referring to Buz our drummer, he is very self-conscious about his weight and would not appreciate being called “heavy.” If you are talking about “word of mouth” buzz, we would like to see the heavy buzz turn into a swarm of killer bee type radio waves stinging people nationwide with poisonously addictive melodies and leaving them "Love's Sick" "Melt(ing)Down" and "Hang(ing) On" with monster style musical welts that invade the days with reoccurring hot flashes of catchy melody lines and powerful lyrics. Tasty like honey. Thank you and goodnight!

HotSocky is:
Lattimer: Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter 
Mick Addam: Bass, Vocals 
Jerry Stereo: Guitar
Buz (with one z): Drums
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