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Graham Colton

Graham Colton’s self-title independent debut has been creating quite a buzz in the music industry. Recently I had the chance to talk to this talented young artist about the new self-titled album, life on the road, sports and babes.

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Bullz-Eye: When was your record released and how is it doing so far?

Graham Colton: Last February on our Website. It is doing better than we ever expected.

"It's nice to see our generation catapult what I feel is very '"exception to the rule"' kind of music to the forefront."

BE: Are any labels courting you?

GC: We've gone through the whole process and have settled on who we feel will take us to the next level. (Usually top secret with labels until a deal is signed, but these guys are major label material ~Ed.)

BE: You had some help in production from Cary Pierce...how did you meet him and what kind of influence did he have on the finished product?

GC: Turtle, my guitarist, gave him a demo CD of mine while he was in another band, and Cary then asked me to open a show for him. He helped me out in trimming down some of the songs. He's great at seeing what the root of the song is and complementing it.

BE: What do you think of the state of the music industry today, in particular radio?

GC: I think it is in a revolutionary state. The whole world is about to see the record industry completely change the way we listen [to] and buy music, mostly centered around purchasing music electronically. Radio: I think that there has to be a sooner [rather] than later format change all across the board. You consistently see the same trends repeating themselves. One unique band explodes and a hundred more just like 'em follow.

BE: What artists/songwriters do you look up to and respect?

GC: Obviously John Mayer/Norah Jones. It's nice to see our generation catapult what I feel is very "exception to the rule" kind of music to the forefront. I opened for John a while back at a fraternity party and you could tell what was about to happen for him. It was like the Beatles or something. Everyone was just screaming. It totally resembled the Dave Matthews explosion, very cool. Angie Aparo for his incredible talent. I've never heard or seen a performer like him.

BE: It's amazing that you're such a talented songwriter at 20 years old.... What would you like to accomplish by the time you're 30?

GC: Well, I’m now 21...but I guess I hope I'm still playing music or involved in it somehow. I'm aware that tastes can change and songs get tired if they're played too much. Hopefully my growth as a songwriter and an artist will continue to connect with people as I get older.

"One unique band explodes and a hundred more just like 'em follow."

BE: What are the groupies like on the road? Better or worse than the girls on our site?

GC: I don't think any band's "groupies" are better than your girls. (There was no exchange of currency for this answer ~Ed.)

BE: What is the best food when on tour? The worst food?

GC: The best food is sushi, when it's good sushi done right. The worst is McDonalds.

BE: Briefly give me a summary of a typical day on the road for you guys.

GC: It's like “Groundhog Day.” Everyday a new city, a new drive, hotel, club, sound check, etc. But it all feels the same. After a period of time, gas stations become the funnest places on earth.

BE: How was it to tour with groups like O.A.R. or with John Mayer?

GC:: It was great for one that they both are great to be around. The coolest thing is the fans of those bands really seemed to connect with our music even though we are pretty different musically.

BE: Our site is also very sports oriented. Are you or any of the guys into sports and if so, which teams?

GC: I am a college football freak. My best friend is an All-Big 12 player at Texas Tech. Drew (guitarist/keyboardist) and I love the fall because “College Gameday” is all we watch. Also, we both were born in Oklahoma so we like the Sooners, but we never mention that now that we live in Texas.

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