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Natasha Henstridge is one hot mommy. Renowned as a top model in the fashion world, Natasha has been gracing magazine covers all over the world since age 15. After her successful transfer into Hollywood as the nude female alien looking for a mate in "Species" and its sequel "Species 2," Natasha soon became notorious for accepting roles that required a certain degree of nudity. The producers of the first alien film were so impressed by her acting chops although, that they signed her to a three-picture deal before it even premiered in theaters.

In 2001, Natasha was offered the role on the NBC girl-power spy drama, "She Spies," which didn't last long in its primetime spot, but has fared unusually well as a late night thrill ride for those working the graveyard shift at the local Kohl's. While Natasha hasn't had any real chance to show off her acting skills in the past, hopefully in the future we can expect the critics to give her more credit for the bare-chested scenes we have all known to come to love. Still, Natasha won't be wowing the critics any time soon as long as she continues to stray away from the Hollywood productions in favor of the direct-to-video B-movies that she's become a staple in.

Natasha looked particularly inviting in "The Whole Nine Yards."

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Natasha hasn't done too many notable films during the past decade, but she's certainly formed her own fan base with her breakthrough role in the sci-fi cult film "Species" and has also appeared in the romantic comedy "Bounce," "The Whole Nine Yards" with Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis, and the disappointingly horrible John Carpenter's "Ghosts of Mars." Natasha has also more recently been seen on the NBC late night drama "She Spies."

Natasha Says

On Hollywood:
"Where is this 'Hollywood scene'? Where is it? I'd like to find it one day. If I want to go out and have a good time, I go to New York. That's where my friends are, and that's where you can go out to good clubs. Here, I swear, in two years I haven't even been out dancing once."

On puberty:
"I was about 12 years old when I started getting boobs. I never tried to hide them because I started to realize the power I had with them."