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Look out Nicole, there's a new Aussie on the block and she's sporting the same flaming locks as you. Naturally beautiful, but reserved, Miranda Otto has burst on to the scene with her lovable role as the Rohan princess Eowyn in Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. The daughter of renowned Australian actor Barry Otto and a graduate of the famed NIDA theater school (with such famous alumni as Mel Gibson), the four-time AFA nominated actress has become a nerd's wet dream overnight. Quickly gaining recognition in Australian film as a youngster, Otto made her way to the states in the late 90's with appearances in "The Thin Red Line" and as the mysterious next-door neighbor in "What Lies Beneath." After losing the role to Cameron Diaz in Charlie Kaufman's "Being John Malkovich," she was later cast in his next film "Human Nature," an independent comedy that featured the same quixotic style of Kaufman's other films, but failed to gain the same appreciation.

Next turning up in the barely-released thriller "Hypnotic" (aka Doctor Sleep), Otto gained positive notice for her supporting role and re-teamed with "Human Nature" star Rhys Ifans for the quirky comedy "Danny Deckchair." Miranda's most important role came knocking on her door when Peter Jackson invited the young actress to star as Tolkien's only major female character of the trilogy (Liv Tyler's Arwen was enhanced for the "LOTR" movies). She spent six months on the set learning to sword fight and ride horseback, but it all seems to be worth it, gaining worldwide attention as the zealous warrior-to-be. It wasn't long before Miranda was deemed one of Hollywood's brightest upcoming stars, but fame is something she's not entirely sure she wants. Whatever Miranda chooses, we're just glad she's around.

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Miranda Otto on the Screen

Miranda will forever be recognized as Eowyn, the White Lady of Rohan, but before appearing in Peter Jackson's "Rings" trilogy, Miranda found her way into a number of other star-heavy features, including the war epic "The Thin Red Line," "Flight of the Phoenix," and the ultimate Harrison-Ford-as-villain thriller "What Lies Beneath." Miranda is an excellent performer who should have no trouble breaking in to Hollywood, but has recently stated that she wants nothing to do with stardom and is completely content with a role as a small-time actress. Miranda can be found exchanging sword swings with the best of them on the Extended DVD release of "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King," and as Tom Cruise's ex-wife in Steven Spielberg's "War of the Worlds."

Miranda Says

On getting the role:
"The role that you're currently trying to get is the role you've wanted most. Ever. Just like when you're in love, and the person you love is the person you love the most. Ever."

On winning awards:
"It's bad of me to say so but I really hope I don't get nominated for anything this year…awards are like the kiss of death."

On filming scenes:
"I often think the scenes I'm most frightened of doing end up being the best things I've done -- it opens up a whole new area. I think fear really concentrates my energy. If I'm scared of doing a scene, I don't think of anything else. I don't think 'Oh, I should be doing this at home,' or 'Oh, I forgot to take the laundry in."