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Ashley Scott is young, blonde and has one hell-of-a-body, but who is she? Ashley is a virtual unknown in the film industry who has slowly been making her mark through TV and film for the past six years. Before breaking into the business like many others, Ashley began her aspirations to become an actress as a model, traveling around the world for Elite Miami. As a model for Elite and a spokes model for Giorgio Red, Ashley was featured in magazines like WWD, US Weekly, Cosmo Girl, and even landed the cover of the Hollywood Reporter. Deciding to give acting a shot, Ashley was ready to endure the long and arduous audition process, but her turnaround has been impressive, scoring almost every role she has read for in her short acting career.

After appearing in Steven Spielberg's futuristic drama A.I., Ashley was offered a recurring role on the hit sci-fi series "Dark Angel," starring fellow Celebrity Babe Jessica Alba. Ashley's acting career has since begun to flourish with the quick experience she gained on the short-lived show, landing a bit part in the 2003 blockbuster SWAT and a leading role in the short-lived WB series "Birds of Prey," based on the DC cult comic. The model agency certainly wasn't lying to her when they offered her a spot on the Elite team. Ashley is up there when it comes to looks, but it's hard to tell whether her good girl charm will win her the roles needed to make an impact in the business. 

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Ashley briefly appeared as the android Gigolo Jane in the Spielberg film "A.I." and as Colin Farrell's girlfriend in "SWAT." Her starring roles include a role on Fox's "Dark Angel," a bit part as the Rock's love interest in "Walking Tall," and as Batman and Catwoman's daughter, The Huntress, on the WB comic-inspired "Birds of Prey."