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Born in Ontario, Canada in 1967, Andrea Roth has appeared in more than 60 projects in her 20-year career. In the last few years, she has been most visible on “Rescue Me” as Janet Gavin. She got her start on television in the late 1980s, however, with roles in “Night Heat” and the “Friday the 13th” TV series.  Andrea bounced around as a guest star on numerous shows before landing a fulltime gig in 1994 on the “RoboCop” show that proved to be short-lived (it lasted 15 episodes) and it seemed as if Andrea was destined as a journeywoman of television as she moved into the 2000s: “Diagnosis Murder” and “CSI” for example. She had a role in the film “War” in 2007, as well as appearances on “Lost” and “Criminal Minds”, but it was “Rescue Me” in which she found steady work, a regular on the show for 68 episodes from 2004-2009. She continues to do occasional big screen work, including “The Collector,” the summer 2009 horror film.

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Andrea on the Screen

From 2004-2009, Andrea is Janet Gavin on “Rescue Me.” She’s also Jenny in “War,” a guest star in 2008 on “Lost” and “Criminal Minds,” a guest star on “Numb3rs,” as well as every major television drama of the last decade, including “CSI,” “Diagnosis Murder,”  and “Nash Bridges.” She was on the short-lived “RoboCop” series in 1994 and got her start in 1988 on “The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents” series in the “If Looks Could Kill” episode.

Andrea Says

On the “Rescue Me” response:
“We got a great response from firemen and their wives, but since then, certain firemen feel their sense of honor has been meddled with. But it`s TV -- we choose highly dramatic situations.”


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