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Though born in southern California in 1986, Alice spent her formative years in Colorado before returning in triumph in her feature film debut, the 2004 tween comedy “Sleepover” from Joe Nussbaum. Over the next five years, Alice would prove her choice of television roles (“Windfall,” “Lincoln Heights”) would be much wiser than her film appearances (“Fat Albert,” “An American in China”).

It is safe to say that Alice has not yet blossomed, and she runs the risk of being scooped up too soon by the Hollywood hype machine before she’s reached her own. The leading lady role in “Sex Drive” opposite Clark Duke either will pigeonhole her into similar roles for the next couple years or not. Still, she has television as a more fulfilling outlet, and her role as Mandy in “Privileged” has just begun. She has undeniable beauty, but the proof is indeed in the pudding – and the quality of the pudding remains to be seen.

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Alice Greczyn on Instagram

Alice looks anything but Amish in her Instagram feed!

Alice’s ultimate web resource guide.

Extremely short bio with room for expansion.

The Spot TV
Exclusive interviews from the “Sex Drive” premiere.

Real TV Films
Alice talks to Real TV during Emmy Week 2008 about “Sex Drive.”

Alice on the Screen

Alice’s career to date is split into two clear camps: episodic television and second rate film comedies. She’s Mandy in “Privileged,” Sage Lund for six episodes on “Lincoln Heights,” a guest on “CSI: Miami,” Frankie Townsend for thirteen episodes of “Windfall,” and Alayna on “Quintuplets.” On the big screen, she was Mary in “Sex Drive,” Annabel in “Exit Speed,” Holly in “Shrooms,” Laurie in “The Dukes of Hazzard,” and Linda in “Sleepover,” the 2004 disaster from the once-promising Joe Nussbaum.

Alice Says

On Earth-friendly products:
“It’s so easy to go to Target for convenience and not know that there’s an eco-friendly copperware scrub.”


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