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CD Reviews:  Limp Bizkit: Three Dollar Bill, Yall$

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Three Dollar Bill, Yall$, the debut album from the prominent rock group Limp Bizkit, introduced us to this angry quintet of rockers, led by frontman Fred Durst (vocals) and his whining vocals. Completing the pack is Wes Borland (bass), John Otto (drums), Sam Rivers (guitar) and DJ Lethal from House of Pain.

From the first track, the heavy influence by band mentors Korn is quite obvious as Limp mixes the rhythmic lyrics of rap and the hardcore guitar sound of rock to help "rapcore" project its creative influence to the rest of the music world. The sound remains hard throughout the album and the lyrics are explicit poetry, but every now and then Bizkit throws out a grooving harmony, like the fresh bass line delivered in "Sour" or the jazzy undertone of "Stalemate." The first and only successful single from Three Dollar Bill is a cover of the George Michael hit, "Faith," which takes a serene pop song and turns it into an upbeat rock-pop ballad. And for once, I enjoy the cover more. Toward the end of the album, there is a track entitled "Indigo Flow" which sounds like a jam session in Fred Durst's garage. Throughout the song, Limp gives props to all the people and bands that helped them make it big, such as Everlast, The Deftones, Sugar Ray and, of course, "the boys of Korn."

In the end, the album isn't bad at all if you're interested in a hard backbeat with angry lyrics sung by angry men, but it didn't really grab my attention as forcefully as Bizkit's more recent releases.

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