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CD Reviews:  Limp Bizkit: New Old Songs

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As a fan that has followed Limp Bizkit for the last few years, this was a very painful album to listen to. Recently, Wes Borland, the lead guitarist for Limp Bizkit, left the band, and after the release of Chocolate Starfish, I can't say I was surprised. Slowly they have stepped away from the even mix of metal and hip-hop. If anything has shown this horrible slide in the band's music, this new album makes it impossible to ignore.

Best of all on this album is the Neptunes' take on "N2gether Now" and "Nookie." Most notably is "N2gether Now" which, thanks to its flowered-up, old school hip-hop presentation, is the cheeriest thing Fred Durst has ever been involved with.

Most intriguing, though, is the contribution by the track-recycling master himself, P. Diddy. His "My Way" remix differs only with its assortment of clanking machinery and sci-fi special effects replacing the tune while P. Diddy needlessly shouts "Huh, this is the remix!" Oh, right. Thanks a lot. I missed the queue on the front cover! It's inventive but you can't help but feel that P. Diddy just showed up at the studio for half an hour to rattle his jewelry. And those of you who obsessively listened to "My Way" last year are in luck. The goddamn song is on the album five times and is remixed by everyone from P. Diddy to William Orbit. Unfortunately, they are some of the best among the sixteen tracks.

By the end your favorite Limp Bizkit songs have been either slaughtered, or made so mellow it lulled listeners to sleep. Whatever differences Wes and Fred may have come across, they had better work them out. The balance they found on Significant Other was what made them the band they are today. Without Wes to maintain that balance, Limp Bizkit may fade into the background.

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