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CD Reviews:   Review of  There is Nothing Left to Lose by Foo Fighters

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With the Foo Fighters' third album, There is Nothing Left to Lose, front man Dave Grohl, the former flannelized Nirvana drummer, kept the band at a trio following the departure of former band mate, Pat Smear. The follow-up to the hard-rocking sophomore album, the new sound on Nothing Left to Lose resembles a late 1970s rock album, with more emphasis on melody and singing instead of the constant angry guitars and percussion we found throughout The Colour and the Shape.

In the album's first track, "Stacked Actors," Grohl returns to his grunge-based past, belting vocals as if Kurt Cobain was sitting in the recording studio. Unfortunately, "Breakout" is the only other hard song on this release; the rest of the album is unlike anything we've heard from Grohl and his boys. Songs like "Generator," with a catchy, radio-friendly sound similar to "Big Me," and the first single "Learn to Fly" just lack that distinct Grohl punch. The last two tracks on the album spin like rock ballads with style. "Ain't It the Life" is reminiscent of a cool, crisp night at Woodstock, while "M.I.A." provides lyrics such as, "getting lost in you again is better than being numb," lyrics never uttered by the rock god Grohl until now, but he manages to pull it off.

All in all, There is Nothing Left to Lose is a well-built album, with soothing harmonies and vocals, but it leaves you wondering what happened to the Nirvana within Dave Grohl. Let's hope it's just resting.

~Jason Zingale

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