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CD Reviews:  Blink 182: Enema of the State

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With catchy lyrics, funny antics and plenty of streaking, Blink 182 has become a new pop icon for MTV's TRL viewers everywhere. After enjoying great success with the punk society thanks to 1997's Dude Ranch, Blink's head man Mark Hoppus and lead guitarist Tom DeLonge picked up new drummer Travis Barker to record a fresh sound that would impress pop listeners and loyal fans alike.

Some would say Blink sold out to corporate execs and MTV with Enema of the State because of its radio-friendly sound, but I disagree. Sure, with songs like "What's My Age Again?" and the lyrically brilliant "Adam's Song," these comedic musicians do lose some of their harder guitar chords and lyrical freedom, but more reliable tracks similar to Dude Ranch's "Dammit" and "Pathetic" shine through on this disc as well. Some notables are "The Party Song" and "Mutt." The first track, "Dumpweed," holds true to the band's commonly messy guitar-drum patterns, while Barker's positive influence on the music is quite evident; his enthusiasm, precision and speed behind the drum set are enough to catapult this album above and beyond its predecessor.

Overall, Enema of the State is a gutsy move by this trio, but they pull it off without a hitch. Blink 182 still manages to hang on tight to their witty lyrics and punk-rock sound, producing another batch of catchy tunes you can listen to any time of the day.

~Jason Zingale

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