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CD Reviews: Review of There's A Fire by Longwave
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Click here to buy yourself a copy from Amazon.com Longwave: There's a Fire (Red Int/Red Ink/RCA 2005)

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Firstly, I’d like to preface this review with a rant. Recently on another site where I do slave time writing music reviews (BE is not such a place), I gave an album a ten out of ten on the rating. However, the clan of editors over there decided my fucking writing skillz didn’t “prove” that the album was worthy as such, and knocked it down to a nine. What the fuck ever. You see, they have these stupid guidelines there to really make sure that they hardly ever give out the best rating, as if they’re afraid that it might burst their “Take Us Seriously!” bubble. Funny, but I thought it was I who was listening to the album and giving the ratings. These jackasses never heard the album, but they’re just assuming it isn’t good enough. Fuck them. Fuck ‘em all.

Rant over. Next, I’d like to say how much I love an album that instantly hits you and you have no doubts about its worth and don’t have to listen to it umpteen times to decide on whether or not you like it. Which reminds me, the fact that so many muzak reviewing sites don’t pay the writers except with shitty free CDs, and then the writers are all giving these crummy discs five or six listens so that they can hopefully wring pop culture blood from a stone and make it look like they went to some School of Thought, is ludicrous. An album is either shit, it’s generically groovy, or it’s great. Who wants to read a bunch of hoo-ha regarding how an album may or may not influence the starving kids in a third world country? And why does it always have to be some third world country? Why can’t it just be some place like, say, Chicago, for instance?

Second rant over. My apologies. The gist of this whole thing is that you guys and gals need to get off your lazy asses right now and score a copy of Longwave’s There’s a Fire, brought to you by those kind folks at RCA. Why is this album so Important? Because it made me feel human. You see, my mom passed away quite recently, and you go through a whole lot of fucked up mood swings when such a thing happens. I thought my yearly week-long vacation to Cape Cod would clear the weirdness away, but it didn’t. It just made me hot and lazy. Anyway, this disc was waiting for me when all my accumulated mail was delivered and so I put it on last night while taking a spin through Pittsburgh by myself to just do that alone thing.

That’s right. One listen, kids. Five stars, one listen. At first I thought track two here, “Underworld,” was getting too precious and that the whole damn thing was going to sink after the phenomenal opening title track, but luckily I was wrong. Something about this shit just kept pulling me in. I can’t even describe this band fully, which is why I say just go out and buy it. Longwave apparently have the talent to such things as putting Pink Floyd to shame in a space rock mode, fully updating the whole shoegazing sound and giving those fans of My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless room to finally fucking shut up and put something else on, crank out the kind of masterful dramatic sound that Coldplay always wished they could if they didn’t rely on remaking the same goddamn song with that annoying piano in it over and over, and even throw in the ghost of Lennon and do some Beatles sounding rock, as well as some fuzzed-out garage noise.

It’s like they just took every tired thing in rock and roll that every fucking lazy musician leans upon for influence, wiped their asses with it and turned it into gold. It’s a hypnotic, beautiful, and dare I say shocking album that has rightfully obliterated every other new release I’ve heard this year. And yeah, that includes that other album I gave a ten to. Most of all, it brought me some well-needed peace to the passing of dear old mom and made me remember why I fucking love Pittsburgh and all its secret splendor. But that’s another tale entirely. Just go out and buy this one. It’s the only album you’ll need for 2005.  

~Jason Thompson 


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