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CD Reviews:  Review of  Sick  by Dust to Dust

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Rob Traynor is essentially a one-man show and he calls that show Dust to Dust. He plays bass, guitars, keyboards, writes the music and sings on the second Dust to Dust release, Sick. In the metal/hard rock genre, there are a lot of tired formulas, posers aplenty and self-appointed “important” bands. For my money, an album like this is more valuable than anything that has been put out by any of the artists of the moment. This is an incredibly well-played, well-produced record that passionately examines some of the underbelly of emotions and activity that most of us would like to ignore. Traynor is not afraid to put the spotlight on the harshness of life and his experience. With titles like “Rot,” “Sick,” “Barely Breathing” and “Blue Sky Lie,” you quickly realize this isn’t a Pat Boone record. Traynor blasts the testosterone driven ego as effectively as Stone Temple Pilots did in “Sex Type Thing” with “SupaDupaMachoMan.”

One of the things I loved most about early Uriah Heep records was the incredible range of material on any given album. They could rattle your teeth, prog it up or deliver an incredibly beautiful ballad. Likewise, Traynor creates a record that explores a rich variety of sound. The driving guitar and heavy beats are the driving forces but he tinkers with the arrangements to give different vibes and sounds inside of songs and throughout the entire album. The thunderous riffs of “Rot,” “Think About It” and (to a certain extent) “Pusher” are contrasted by the pop like structure (with a metal flair) of “This Way” and the acoustic lead of “Blue Sky Lie.” 

Traynor mixed, mastered, produced and engineered Sick. Kenny Hickey of Type O Negative adds some lead guitar work on selected songs (Stuart Berenson, original guitarist, plays lead on the title track) and the drums were performed by Steve Tobin, the only holdover from the first Dust to Dust release, aside from Traynor, of course. It is clear that the band is Traynor’s vision, and it is one that I look forward to hearing more of in the future. For now, Sick is on heavy rotation.

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