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CD Reviews:  Iggy Pop: Beat 'Em Up

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Iggy Pop is as angry as he's ever been on his new album, Beat 'Em Up. This original punker, whose impact on rock's history has never been fully appreciated and probably won't be until he joins Elvis, Lennon and Bonham, delivers a raw, angry howl of rage at society and all its fakes. The cover of the disc reveals a poorly drawn, rough and ugly bikini-clad person -- possibly female -- with a scratch-and-sniff crotch, providing a good clue as to the kind of music to expect inside. 

The album grows on you with each listen. "Mask," in which Pop growls against everything from the fake frat boys in NYC to the kiss-ass suck ups in LA, the self-explanatory "It's All Shit," and "Beat Em Up" are all catchy and melodic hard rock tunes. "Howl," in which Pop howls like a rabid dog left outside in the rain, will be a great addition to the classic live repertoire when Iggy takes this disc out on the road.

The disc could have been one or two songs shorter. The last cut, "VIP," is particularly long and less potent, as Pop talks his way through a rumination of all the perks of stardom, including groupie sex and free meals. While he rails against the star system, he's honest enough to admit he craves it. Beat 'Em Up is not classic Pop, but it is a good album, and good for Iggy is better than a lot of the other stuff put out by all those "kiss-ass suck up fakes."

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