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CD Reviews:  Nickelback: Silver Side Up

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"He's drunk again / It's time to fight / She must have done something wrong tonight." Tough new outlaw rock from a band called Nickelback, right? Well, maybe on the surface. Fact is, Nickelback manages to borrow from every cookie-cutter modern day alternative rock radio band that has flashed on the scene over the last few years. Bush, Staind, Godsmack, 3 Doors Down and Creed have all paved the predictable way for this and other bands to stake their temporary claim on mainstream rock radio.

The second release from these Canadians, Silver Side Up, is neither groundbreaking nor revolutionary, but it does succeed in providing the fan of this musical category with upbeat rhythms, heavy guitars and some very enjoyable melodies. "How You Remind Me" is as good a hit single as this year has seen. "Too Bad" and "Just For" give the first half of the record enough powerful punch to sustain most listeners and keep them around for the remainder. While the final few songs tend to melt into mediocrity, "Money Bought" is a highlight and "Good Times Gone" ends the record on a sweet, subtle note that will please the masses.

There are so many new bands out there currently finding popular success by cooking this same recipe and feeding it to a younger, hard rock consumer. It works! On Silver Side Up, Nickelback creates just enough fresh rock melodies to sustain most appetites through 10 songs. In short, this ain't the stuff that classics are made of, but livings can be made by falling in line and taking the path previously traveled. Nickelback is proof!

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