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CD Reviews:  Kathleen Edwards: Failer

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Who’d have known the free rural roads and cow pastures are still alive and well in…Canada? Okay, so that might be pushing it a bit, since I’m not even sure corn could be harvested north of our American borders. But with Canadian newcomer Kathleen Edwards stealing 2003’s roots rock spotlight by tearing a page from fellow countryman Neil Young’s songbook, the basis for strong comparisons between Missouri and the land up north has been duly established.

Edwards two-steps out of the gates with her debut Failer, a delicate but brooding composition that boasts a dogged folk rock appeal. In her 3” cuffed Wranglers and rolled-up sleeves on a checkerboard work shirt, Edwards clocks in and gets right to work. “Six O’Clock News” offers her raspy yet refined verses wrapped around silky country and western accompaniment. While Lucinda Williams’ legendary influence oozes from all corners of this new record, the topically edgy approach to “One More Song the Radio Won’t Like” leads me to believe this gritty Canuck ain’t about to play second fiddle. “I am so tired of playing defense and I don’t even have hockey skates,” suggests Edwards has emotional muscle to spare and still manages to do it on the sweetest of tracks, “Hockey Skates,” yet another ode to her homeland.

Don’t be misled, as it is not all front-porch picking and purring on Failer. “12 Bellevue” would be a rambunctious set closer for her live club shows, and the squealing guitar solo at the end harkens the Neil Young & Crazy Horse connection. When her above-average session band crashes into “Maria,” Edwards’ effortless and slow burning balladry is again forgotten and replaced with all-out roadhouse romp. If push comes to shove, this chick can rock! It is, however, the tender songwriting that will more likely pull you in, especially after the third or fourth listen.

Kathleen Edwards is unique, her songs are scrumptious and her manner unassuming. She is just beginning to cut through as a singer/songwriter in an age when the emphasis seems to be on anything but the song. It’s a shame that Lilith Fair dried up a few summers back, because they would have been drooling all over this one. 

~Red Rocker

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