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Close to Me (EP)
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Released: 2006
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It's word association time. When I say a word, you have to say the first thing that comes to your mind. Ready? Go! Bread (butter – good). Cat (dog – predictable but okay). Rack (pervert, but at least we are on the same page). Comfies (great retro punk pop band with sly harmonies and catchy melodies – wow, we really are on the same page). Snatch. Wait, are we done? Moving on.

Ok, now that that moment in life has past, let's get serious. And by serious I mean, let's talk about music, one of the only things in life I CAN take seriously (and if you have read anything else I have ever written, you know I am laughing my ass off right now). The Comfies were a new discovery to me. And ya know how when someone says "Here's a free CD" and you take it because there are pretty much no greater combined words than FREE CD? Well, I was all like "Yippee! FREE CD!" and then I did a little dance. Only get this: I am still dancing. There is something infectious about this record and not like that thing I told you last week in confidence. Close to Me contains seven tunes, each with their own quiet salute to musical times of yore.

Oddly, the singer kinda sounds like Zappa. It’s honestly freaking me out a bit. Actually, it’s really freaking me out cause the band is definitely not playing Zappa tunes. Think Zappa fronting Franz Ferdinand or something. Holy crap. I think I really like this record. I’m confused. I’ll even bet they’re great live. These dudes would probably fit right in on Little Steven’s Underground Garage tour. And they’re from Nashville. Do you remember what happened the last time I found a band that I’d slept on and it had nearly passed me by? That’s right. Pussy started growing on trees (dig through the archives you little bastards! Dig!). Side note: My name comes up on Google because of that review! How funny is that shit?

Anyway, I think we’re onto something here, doctor. I wish I could package it up into a tight little ball and deliver the words necessary to convince you to check this record out. How about: go out and buy it. Yeah, those words work fine. I could have thrown a colorful expletive in there for good measure, but fuck it. Who needs a potty mouth?

~Josh Preston