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World Waits
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Released: 2006
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The son of the frog queen returns! I guess that would make him a frog prince. Or at the very least, one of the most talented dudes in the last decade. If you're not familiar with the works of Mr. Enigk, then these two things apply:

  1. The "frog queen" bit won't make any sense
  2. You need to listen to his first band, Sunny Day Real Estate.

Sunny Day served as the high water mark for the Seattle rock scene the late ‘90s while everyone else was on heroin and making a shitload of money. Not only was Sunny Day Real Estate an incredible band with an unflinching and unparalleled brand of alt rock, the cover of their first album Diary had a hand-drawn picture of Fisher-Price people setting their kitchen on fire. You've got to see it. It's a great cover.

So, upon the untimely demise of Sunny Day, Jeremy took a break from the "business" but began work on a solo record entitled Return of the Frog Queen. With its lush instrumentation, Frog Queen was a rather drastic shift musically speaking but completely satisfying nonetheless. Like many great records before this one, it was critically acclaimed…and no one bought the damn thing. When that happens to a record, I begin to question my existence. Not that my words will probably sway you in one direction or another but why can't critics sell records? Maybe it's because critics are retards. Hence my dubious position in the illustrious world of rock criticism.

Damn dude. It just hit me that his last solo record came out ten years ago. Jesus, I'm getting old. On top of that, this glass of whiskey in front of me is conspiring to make me fat and crazy. I'll still drink it. Yum. I think my boy Jeremy is straightedge now. There was some controversy about his shift to Christianity back in the day. One day, I too will be surrounded in the same controversy. No, I won’t.

Anycrap, I've heard people compare Mr. Enigk's voice to Geddy Lee but I don't really see it. Either that or I just hate Rush with such a passion I'm in a deep state of denial. Oh, damn it. How embarrassing! I'm going to get my ass kicked by a bunch of Rush fans! (Starting with your editor – Ed.) That's like having Yanni steal your girl or Kenny G as your step-dad. Ouch.

~Josh Preston