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You In Reverse
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Released: 2006
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In a time when attention spans are about as long as a Hollywood marriage, it takes super huge balls to open your record with a song that’s eight minutes and forty-two seconds long. Built to Spill has balls, and really great sounding guitars to boot. With a song this long, I can envision these guys getting mistaken for a jam band. And when they showed up and started playing their set, all the girls in flower skirts and what have you would start crying and would start yelling at their boyfriends for bringing them to the festival in the first place. It would be funny. Well, it would be funny to me. I love awkward moments. Like this review.

Straight up, these guys are to indie rock what your blanket was to you at the age of three or four…or 18, in some cases (you know who you are). If you’re digging this record, you should also pick up one of their former releases entitled Ancient Melodies of the Future. I first started digging on these guys when I heard that record. I know. Now I’m going to get a bunch of shit for not being into this band sooner. But frankly, I’m not a thousand years old, and these guys are a thousand years old. Not that old is bad. It’s just old. Wait a minute. They formed in 1992. Never mind. Although, I think anything that came out in 1992 is now considered classic rock.

In doing my homework on this band, I’ve found a ton of shit that compares them to Dinosaur Jr. The comparisons to Dinosaur Jr. must really piss them off. Especially considering that while these guys were making records, J Mascis was in a corner somewhere drooling orange goo on himself. It happens I guess. Goo and comparisons.

An interesting point of note: These guys are on Warner Brothers Records. Dude, it’s not every day you hear a record like this from a major label. Actually, you fucking never hear a record like this from a major label. It’s surprising. Hence the reason I brought it up. Actually, I bet these guys have some serious dirt on one of the executives over there. Wouldn’t that be great? That’s my advice to any young up-start band trying to “make it” in the industry: Get video footage of the head of a record company performing lewd acts on his secretary. Then you’re IN, dude. And you can put out as many records as you want and no one will say anything. Maybe that’s what these guys did. And if their next record is a compilation of hip-hop/polka classics, then we’ll all know the truth. The truth will set you free.

~Josh Preston