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Franz Ferdinand Concert Review
Franz Ferdinand
The Greek Theater
Los Angeles, CA

by: John Paulsen

Paulsen Home / Music Home / Entertainment Channel / Entertainment Web Guide

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Storming the States in support of their sophomore effort, You Could Have It So Much Better, Franz Ferdinand didn’t disappoint in the second of two shows at the Greek. Cut Copy (alternative/electronica) and TV on the Radio (indie rock) were both solid in their role as opening acts. But everyone – save for two lovely girls dancing their asses off during the TVOTR set – was there to see Franz Ferdinand, and the four boys from across the pond put on one hell of a show.

To start, frontman Alex Kapranos came out onstage by himself and went into the slow opening of “Jacqueline” while the rest of the band took their positions. Soon, Bob Hardy’s bass line kicked in and the band was off, barely slowing down during their 17-song, 90 minute set, which consisted of eight new songs and nine from the debut. The four gents obviously care how they look – they were each wearing a black suit with an undershirt of a different color. At some point in the evening, Kapranos discarded his jacket to reveal a bright red oxford, much to the delight of the ladies (both female and male) present in the audience.

Live and in person, the new album played quite well. The first single, “Do You Want To,” garnered a considerable reaction from the crowd, while their energetic live performance of “What You Meant” has subsequently made it my favorite track from the new disc. Kapranos introduced one song in the middle of the set by saying “it’s an old one that we don’t play very often.” The track? Just the monster 2004 hit, “Take Me Out,” which the band still seems to enjoy playing, even for the billionth time.

After a brief encore, during which I saw what I believe to be the world’s first female roadie, the band played three new songs, including the terrific “Evil and a Heathen.” But the highlight of the encore had to be the “Outsiders,” where two unknown guys came on stage to assist Paul Thomson in laying down the beat. I can only describe it as a veritable orgy of drumming. Afterwards, with “Take Me Out” and “Do You Want To” already in the can, I wondered what they could possibly close the show with. The answer: “This Fire,” which brought the show to a manic conclusion.

For those fans that haven’t seen the group live, now might be the best time. They are clearly in their prime and, with two terrific albums under those snappy belts, they have a great group of songs to choose from. I can count on one hand the number of concerts where I recognized and enjoyed each and every song, and Franz Ferdinand’s performance Saturday night gets my thumb.

Set list:

Come On Home
Do You Want To
Tell Her Tonight
What You Meant
The Dark of the Matinee
I’m Your Villain
Take Me Out
The Fallen
You’re The Reason I’m Leaving
Darts of Pleasure


This Boy
Evil and a Heathen
This Fire

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