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CD Reviews:  Doves: The Last Broadcast

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Being dubbed the next (fill in hot band's name here) can never be easy, and being called The Next Radiohead is enough pressure to send some bands into permanent hibernation. Manchester's Doves, however, are not easily intimidated. Lost Souls, their 2000 debut as a rock band (they used to be club band Sub Sub, but changed their name after a fire destroyed all of their gear), turned the head of many a critic. The Last Broadcast, their new record, will do much more than that. It's the best album out of the UK this year, high praise indeed from an Anglophile like me. It's not anthemic, stand-up-and-cheer rock, but rather music that engulfs the listener in layers of sound. It's mesmerizing, insanely catchy and beautiful. 

That tag of The Next Radiohead that the UK press hit them with is actually very misleading. While there are moments of wild experimentation, like the screeching synths on "N.Y.", the Doves have very little in common with the Kid A bunch. Their songs are dreamier, the guitars less abrasive, the vocals more grounded. Take the chugging, Motown-esque "Pounding," which has more heart than anything Radiohead has ever recorded. "Words" is classic UK jangle pop ala Coldplay's "Yellow" (though better, in this writer's humble opinion), and "There Goes the Fear" is a stunning seven-minute track (it seems half that length) that's somewhere between the Stone Roses and Scotland's woefully underrated Trash Can Sinatras. "Satellites" lives up to its name with an airy chorus that boasts one of the best hooks on the album. 

The Last Broadcast
is a huge leap forward for the Doves. It rivals Radiohead's The Bends and Travis' The Man Who in terms of best sophomore albums in recent memory. And from the looks of things, they're only going to get better.  

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