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CD Reviews: Review of Revelation by Joe Nichols
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Joe Nichols: Revelation (2004)

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Joe Nichols made a huge splash when his first single, “The Impossible,” shot up the charts and made everyone stand up and take notice. His has been a long and winding road on the way to stardom, and Revelation will continue him along the path.

Revelation is his second project and continues where he left off on his first one. This CD is full of simply good, solid country music. Joe sounds eerily like George Strait once in a while, and shares George’s talent of making you believe every word he sings.

The first track, “Shade,” is a honky-tonk song. It’s the kind of song you expect to hear when the change drops in a country jukebox. He reflects on his chosen profession in “Singer in a Band,” recognizing that while he gets a lot, he also gives up a lot. “Don’t Ruin it for the Rest of Us” reminds me of the Ace in the Hole band, with a nice Texas flavor.

One of the strengths of Nichols’ is his ability to tell a story in his songs. “I Wish That Wasn’t All,” “If I Ever Get Her Bac,” and “If Nobody Believed in You” all take you on that ride, making you feel these guys’ stories, their emotions. Then it’s back to the honky-tonk on “Farewell Party” and to war stories in “Revelation.”

There is nothing really up-tempo on this album, but it is solidly country at a time when it seems to be fashionable to record cross-over songs. Joe Nichols had six years between the time he signed a recording contract and actually had his first hit. Judging by what I have heard on his first two albums, he didn’t waste the time. Revelation is packed with well written music and good musical performances, and it’s very well produced. As long as there are artists like Joe Nichols, country music will never lose its roots.

~Joe Griffin




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