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CD Reviews: Review of The One We Never Knew by Holly Williams
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Holly Williams: The One We Never Knew (2004)

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So what happens when you cross Bob Dylan with Hank Williams Jr., and add some boobs and blonde hair? You get Holly Williams. Holly is Bocephus’ daughter -- she can sing, write, play…and she does it very well, I must say.

I listened to the whole CD before I read her bio, so I had no idea who she was…and I NEVER would have thought that her father was Hank Jr. This is her first project, and while you may expect Hank Williams Jr.’s daughter to sound something like “Redneck Woman,” you would be wrong. There is no honky-tonk here, just raw, emotional words and music that will capture your attention.

She kicks it off with “Sometimes,” a girl wishing she could be anything or anyone else, “sometimes.” On “Everybody’s Waitin’ on a Change,” she talks to those who judge her when they have their own issues to deal with. “Everybody’s waiting for a change…wait, I’ll be fine, just give me a few more years to say my prayers…I’m alive, you should keep that mirror for you self, you got problems you never saw, and I’m the bearer of them all.”

This is not a country album. She may be released that way because of her name, but I am not hearing any country singles here. Still, it’s pretty good. One warning, though: at the risk of sounding chauvinistic, this is pretty much a chick album. Think Melissa Etheridge, Indigo Girls…you get the idea? It’s good, but not the kind of thing I would pop into my CD player to jam in the truck….

Holly Williams has huge talent. This is a great start, and I bet a lot of people will take notice. It’s good stuff, but don’t expect to hear this on your country station. 

~Joe Griffin




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