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King of Coming Around
starstarstarhalf starno star Label: Fundamental
Released: 2006
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Well, I might have a screw loose
And I still open the wine and drink up its juice
I’ve been tryin’ to get to heaven but it looks like it’s gonna be a bust
But I’m still on my feet, vainglorious
You cannot knock me down

That string of lyrics – from the album’s “Vainglorious” – pretty much sums up Ken Will Morton’s King of Coming Around. It’s the type of album that wears a denim jacket and drinks cheap beer; it’s taken a few knocks on the chin, but won’t quit trying, much like the cast of characters that populates the album’s thirteen tracks.

Morton’s just the guy to bring them to life, too – he’s got the kind of razor-throated rasp that lets you know he’s suffered for his art, but he has enough of a way with a hook that you don’t have to suffer, too. In fact, as smoothly as King chugs along, listeners could be forgiven for thinking that loves gone bust and lives pissed away aren’t so bad after all.

Musically, there are no surprises here, but if this flavor of whiskey-soaked roots rock floats your boat, then you probably aren’t looking for surprises anyway. What you’re looking for – and they’re all over King of Coming Around – are ragged guitars, bash-‘em-up drums, and choruses that sound best coming out of a jukebox on a Friday night.

On his last release, Morton proclaimed himself In Rock ‘N’ Roll’s Hands; if King of Coming Around is any indication, he plans on staying there for the long haul. No complaints here.

~Jeff Giles