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CD Reviews:  Warren Zanes: Memory Girls

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There's certain singer/songwriters who have this flair, where you know they're on a different level than the average Joe. Warren Zanes is in that category, and his latest CD on Nashville indie label Dualtone is an intriguing mix of pop, rock, blues and funk. But mostly, it's just solid songwriting. Zanes has the unique quality of making you believe you've heard his music your whole life,even if it's your first time listening.

The record starts out with the Beck-like "Everybody Loves You," in which Zanes raps in the verses and invites you to sing along on the choruses. "Sidewalk Sale" is a melancholy piano tune that rivals Billy Joel and "World of Concrete" shows Zanes as a dead ringer for Gregg Alexander of the now-defunct New Radicals. "Where We Began" has a Ben Folds quality about it, and one of the best lines I've heard in a while: "My old man has brought/Half a dozen wives into the world." "Have You Once Recalled the Days" and "Hey Girl" have me recalling the 1970s, with an almost Motown R&B groove to them. The last track, "When the World Gets Weak," has a pop/alternative flair ala Everything But the Girl.

What's even more impressive than anything is the production on this CD.Zanes has one of those tenor voices that could easily sound the same from song to song, but he cleverly employs loops, horns, harmonies and varied guitar sounds to create a tasty collection of pop/rock songs that will have you singing along for days. I've been listening for two weeks and already I know it's one of those records that I can listen to a year, or even five or 10 years from now, and still dig. 

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