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CD Reviews:  Tiger Mountain: Analog Heads Gone French

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Right from the start, Tiger Mountain hits you in the face with a throwback sound complete with raunchy guitars and powerful vocals, reminiscent of the Plimsouls.
Unfortunately at times the throwback is too complete with harmony guitars a la Molly Hatchet, but we’ll let that slide because all in all this is a pretty good effort. As the band likes to avoid being labeled, it’s easier just to say this is good rock music, plain and simple, and it really is.

“Love is Simple” is what I’m referring to in the opening paragraph, but skip over to song number two, ironically titled “Song #3.” I’m not kidding when I say this is one of the best rock songs I’ve heard in a long time, with one of the band’s two lead singers, Mike Jackson, telling a classic story of getting dumped by a girlfriend. The unpretentious rock attack continues with “Read it & Weep” and “All O.K.” There are two distinct styles and sounds, with both Jackson and Tyler Lenane sharing the writing and lead vocal duties, but the formula is still THIS + THAT = THE ROCK. “Night Town” has some really hooky guitars and vocal melodies but things get a bit lethargic toward the end with “Get So Low” and “Easier When I’m Gone.” 

Critics seem to have a lot of trouble pinning a comparison on bands like this, and while some liken them to early Elvis Costello, others just say there is a 1970s or 80s influence. I’ll just say that Tiger Mountain is a damn good rock band with solid musicianship and really catchy songs, and the kind of band that I hear on CD and want to run out and see live. Watch out for these guys, because they just might wind up on the major label radar screen sometime soon. 

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