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CD Reviews:  Review of  Poetry and Aeroplanes by Teitur

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At first listen, singer/songwriter Teitur sounds a lot like Paul Simon, and as genres go that makes sense as one of his biggest influences is James Taylor. Then as fate would have it, I met this guy at one of his shows recently in Cleveland. He’s actually from some remote island between Iceland and Scotland, and is one of those people who speaks very broken English but when he sings you’d think he was just a sophisticated New Yorker. Regardless, Teitur’s debut on Universal is as poetically introspective as it is melodically easy on the ears. 

“Sleeping With the Lights On” and “You’re the Ocean” are more than just singer/songwriter guitar-and-vocal pieces, as there are nice string and drum loop production touches. “I Was Just Thinking” is mainly Teitur and his guitar, and has a tenderness like Simon or Taylor and a slight rasp ala Steve Forbert. The title track shows Teitur’s ability to paint a vivid picture, something only the most gifted songwriters can do well. “Josephine” has a European flair about it and “Amanda’s Dream” is an airy slow piece that can’t help but draw you in. Some of the latter tracks such as “To Meet You” might drag a little and veer off course, but this is still a solid debut.

Good singer/songwriters usually have great, distinctive voices and a good sense of melody. Some of them are prolific guitar or piano players, and others are great storytellers. Teitur has the whole package. That, and sounding like some legends of the past generation don’t hurt him. If you like moody songwriters who really make you stop and listen, you’ll want to pick this one up pronto. 

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