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CD Reviews:  Review of Seasons by Sevendust

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You have to give a lot of credit to a band that goes through adversity and comes through it with their lives intact, noses clean and lots of songwriting inspiration. That’s the case with Sevendust, whose modest career as a hard rock band might just be entering the mainstream with their fourth album, Seasons. After having recorded albums with different producers in different parts of the country, Sevendust recorded their latest in their hometown of Atlanta with producer/rock god Butch Walker. The comforts of home kept them focused on the business at hand, and working with Walker was comfortable too, as he had produced the demo that got them signed in the first place. 

There’s more of an element of edgy rock this time with less of a grunge/nu-metal aftertaste. “Disease” is a riff-laded, balls-out song with a soaring chorus ala Linkin Park. “Enemy” is more of the same -- a lot of rapping in the verses, and a chorus that obviously has Walker’s “gang vocal” stamp on it. “Broken Down” is a highly emotive song that experiments with different drum loops but finds its way melodically. “Honesty” is a song that parallels the band’s life struggles and overcoming them. “Skeleton Song” foregoes the power chords and instead is more of a dark and pretty song. “Suffocate” and “Gone” are more of the heavy stuff, but palatable even for those not into harder aggressive music.

There may not be anything in particular about Seasons that puts Sevendust on the proverbial map. In fact there are no songs on here that stand out as being so much better than everything else on AOR radio. But taken as a whole, this is a rock album that is recorded and produced with Butch Walker’s magic, and that’s good enough for at least half a star. 

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