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CD Reviews:  Review of Waves by Saul Zonana


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In today’s world of shrinking major label rosters and radio play lists, there are plenty of artists putting out independent CDs. So many, in fact, that the market is absolutely saturated with them. Somehow, though, the cream always rises to the top, and there are singer/songwriters like Saul Zonana to remind us of just that. This New York-based artist writes infectiously melodic, lyrically witty and grooving pop/rock that will stick in your head like that image of Madonna kissing Brittany. 

“What’s Your Name” and “As it Should Be” are slickly produced tunes that bring to mind Counting Crows, but with a little more gravel in Zonana’s voice. “Holiday” starts off like the beginning of Roxy Music’s “More Than This,” but rocks just a bit harder and has a huge chorus. “Way Home” is nicely laced with keyboard sounds, and has melodic flair that would make even Lennon and McCartney take notice. The best track by far is “Painkiller,” a moody, haunting song about the addiction of a woman’s love or, more likely, lust. 

The only drawback, be it a small one, is that this record is too short. Six songs to be exact, and after those six I’m left wanting to hear more. Lucky for me I have Zonana’s previous release, which is equally good. Either way the songs and the production of Saul Zonana’s music seem to get better and better with each record. Fans of quality singer/songwriters will want to snatch this one up and say they knew his music before the rest of the world did. 

Waves is available at and check out Saul's website!

~Mike Farley 

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