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CD Reviews:  The Rosenbergs: Mission: You

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Their story is pretty well documented as a soap opera the past few years (read David Fagin's story and my subsequent interview with him on the site), but lost in all this is that the Rosenbergs are one damn good rock band. Mission:You was the band's first and last release on Robert Fripp's DGM label, and it's packed with the kind of pop/rock tunes that will have you humming their melodies all day.

"Sucking on a Plum" is a guitar- and vocal harmony-driven song that grabs you right from the start. "Paper and Plastic" and "In Pursuit" is more of the same, and it's in this song that I hear comparisons to bands like Weezer and the Foo Fighters…the one notable difference being that Fagin's lyrics are always interesting and intuitive. "Little Lie" weaves some dark melodies with happy ones and makes it into a cool song. "Secret" shows that this band may have some 1980s influence -- I hear bands like the Romantics and even Haircut 100 in this tune. "Drug of Choice" is my favorite track of all; it's just catchy rhythmically, lyrically and melodically. "Fast Asleep" is a summertime anthem that would be perfectly at home in a beach movie soundtrack, complete with that punkish, yet Beach Boys feel that makes you want to jump up and down. "After All," the track available on the band's Web site, in my opinion is not as good as the rest of the album, but still catchy nonetheless. "Overboard" is a long spacey ballad similar to Oasis' "Champagne Supernova."

What I like about the Rosenbergs is that their music is simple yet interesting -- every song is different than the one before it. The key is building good songs around catchy melodies, ones that stick in your head for hours. That was pretty evident to me after a few listens. And it's not just one song -- this is a solid album of just really good music. As I've said before, if you're a fan of feel-good songs and songwriting, check this one out.

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