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CD Reviews:  Pink: Missundaztood

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Okay, so a lot of you are already making fun of me for this, but this is a really good record. Pink may be an overly hyped artist but she's got charisma and attitude and best of all, strong material. There's pop, rock and R & B, all rolled into a nice package that's pleasing to the ears and to some of you readers, maybe some other senses. 

The title track is a good pop song, not quite as strong as the rest of the CD, but it gets points for Pink's sense of humor at the end of the track when she grunts like, in her own words, an "Ex-Lax commercial." "Don't Let Me Get Me," which just had its video released on MTV, is a witty autobiographical sketch about being different and not your typical pop star. "Just Like a Pill" has a Taylor Dayne feel, but it's clear Pink has a much ballsier voice. Is it just me or don't you guys find that sexy? "Get This Party Started" is a true strip club/dance club anthem and a perfectly structured pop song. "18 Wheeler" is another grab-you-by-the-nutsack tune that is ready for radio. "Family Portrait" is a melancholy divorce story with more of an R&B feel and "Misery" has a bluesy Aeromsmith fee l-- wait, Steven Tyler is a guest on this song -- Pink gets "cool" points just for that in my book. "Dear Diary" is a sultry song with slick production. Come to think of it, most of this album is incredibly produced. 

I may be leaning toward the pop/rock end of the world in my roots, but that doesn't mean you'll find my collection rich with Air Supply and Barbara Streisand. I'm not afraid to say this album rocks and has some great songs. And guys, if you ask to borrow it from your girlfriend you might just score some brownie points.

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