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CD Reviews:  Review of  Go by Pat Benatar

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Growing up, I was a big fan of Pat Benatar. With hits like “Heartbreaker” and “Hell is for Children,” she was one of those chick singers that sang with conviction and could belt it out. Plus, she was hot. Okay, she still isn’t bad looking for a middle-aged rock star, and she still has power in her voice. The problem is too many of the songs off her new album, Go, miss the mark as far as being memorable. Good, yes, but not great by any means.

The title track, “Go,” has a 1980s feel that is perfectly acceptable if you are Pat Benatar but almost sounds like it was forced out from under a bad case of writer’s block. “Brave” is a decent track that has more of an adult contemporary feel and could even garner some radio play. “Have it All” has more of a modern groove to it and some slick guitar playing by Benatar’s husband/band mate Neil Giraldo, and “Sorry” has a nice salsa flavor that might find a home on today’s pop radio if it catches on. “Please Don’t Leave Me” is a ballad that never really goes anywhere and “Girl” is another track that sounds somewhat contrived.

The two gems on here are buried toward the end of the record. “Tell Me” starts off acoustically and builds into a mid-tempo rocker that is just a great song. And the bonus track, “Christmas,” though strange to hear at any other time of year, has the potential to be a huge hit during the holiday season because in addition to being good, it has patriotic implications as well.

Pat Benatar has been through several transformations over the years and it appears that she is trying to stay true to her rock roots. As evidence by some of these tracks, though, she is probably better suited to show her age and stick to the adult contemporary format. The songs on Go that reflect that are the better ones and offer the best chance for Benatar to prolong her stellar career. 

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