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CD Reviews:  Oasis: Heathen Chemistry

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Hang on, Oasis fan. If you were expecting the band's fifth studio album to be something experimental ala Radiohead, don't be bummed out. But I know you better, Oasis fan. You want something similar to what brought these Brit popsters the fame they deserved, don't you? Well, you're going to love Heathen Chemistry, which brings back a lot of the raw energy and flair of the band's early days. Though they claim their favorite bands still to be the Beatles and the Sex Pistols, it's the former that seems to have influenced them the most. 

The psychedelic guitar riff of "The Hindu Times" brings memories of George Harrison to the forefront and kicks this album off in rocking fashion. "Hung in a Bad Place" sounds like vintage Oasis, like it slipped off the track listing of What's the Story Morning Glory. Get out your lighter and wave it in the air for the riveting ballad "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" and the powerful "Little by Little," which reminded me a little of Tears for Fears. "She is Love" is the catchiest track of all, one of those signature summertime feel-good songs. "Born On a Different Cloud" sounds so much like the Beatles' "I am the Walrus" that you could close your eyes and picture John Lennon singing. 

Since these guys came on the scene in the early 1990s, they have pretty much stayed true to their musical roots and songwriting influences. And they have gotten better and better in the process. In my humble opinion, Heathen Chemistry is not incredibly flashy or brilliant, but it's the best Oasis record to date.

~Mike Farley 

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