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CD Reviews:  Matthew Good Band: Beautiful Midnight

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I think I first heard of this band on Much Music, the popular Canadian music channel. Okay, so the Canadians have annoying people like Celine Dion, but Much Music makes MTV look like the freak show that it is. And since radio isn't playing great music like the Matthew Good Band, we need our outlets. That said, this record is one of the best finds of the year. 

I keep hearing influences from Dishwalla, Fuel and Live in songs like "Giant," "Hello Time Bomb" and "Load Me In." Then this band bounces deftly into sentimental ballads like "Strange Days" and "Suburbia" that bring to mind Better Than Ezra and Toad the Wet Sprocket. In fact, "Suburbia" has those brilliantly clever Toadesque lyrics -- "Someday this place is gonna burn / Is your whole life in there waiting? / Someday your head is going to turn / And you'll realize I'm missing." Okay, I can't help it -- here's another sampling from "Jenni's Song"-- "Jenni killed her dad with her car and now she's a millionaire / She got beat on mostly for being at home / So mostly she wasn't there." There's even a piano song at the end, "Running For Home," and yes, it's absolutely mesmerizing. It took me the whole record to figure out who this band sounds like overall, one of my favorite bands of the 1980s called Wire Train.

So being a singer/songwriter myself in a modern rock band, I found very little to dislike about Beautiful Midnight. There's great lyrics, arrangement and production. And Matthew himself has one of the best rock voices that no one's heard yet. That is, until you go out and pick this one up after reading my review.

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