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CD Reviews:  Marc Broussard: Momentary Setback


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Be sure to check out Mike's interview with Marc Broussard

When Marc Broussard sings, you may feel like you’re listening to someone who’s a 20- or 30-year recording veteran. With a soulful, mature voice that could be heard from here to China on a clear day, and the ability to craft addictive pop/rock songs, you’d have a hard time believing this Louisiana native is only 21. Not only that, but there’s an R&B flavor to Broussard’s debut, Momentary Setback, that makes him as unique as he is amazing. 

“The Wanderer” is a lot like Edwin McCain, and has a ready for radio quality about it. “Just Like That” and “Blue Jeans” show off that voice I was talking about -- and both are so catchy rhythmically that if you’re any kind of music lover you’ll be cranking it up in your car and playing air guitar. “French Café” is the only track Broussard didn’t write himself, but is a beautiful bluesy ballad delivered with precision. “Gotta Be More” has a timeless quality about it and “My God” is a reflective bluesy track. But by far the best song lyrically is “Jeremiah’s Prayer,” obviously written for the passing of a loved one: May the mountains rise to meet you/May the skies open wide/Know that in my heart my friend/You will always be alive. 

Okay, so by now you know I like this record. Fact is, I haven’t heard a debut like this from anyone in a long time, maybe ever. It’s masterfully produced (by industry veteran Marshall Altman) with lots of variety, and is so full of raw emotion that you can’t help but say, “holy crap, where did this kid COME from?” His voice is just icing on the cake, and that’s really saying something. So if you love good music like I do, take a listen to Marc Broussard -- you might just hear a legend in the making. 

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