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CD Reviews:  Luce: Luce

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There’s a lot to like from the debut of this San Francisco band, taking its name from lead singer and songwriter Tom Luce. Some interesting melodies and arrangements, mixed with some haunting harmonies and guitar work give this record a modern day-Beatles meets Counting Crows meets Oasis feel. Is that a lot to swallow? Well, consider that Luce got their record deal by getting radio play FIRST. Now, that’s hard to fathom. And while some of the songs drone on a bit, there’s some quality stuff here.

“Long Way Down” is the big single and is the prototypical “light rock” song with a chorus that reminds me of Tears for Fears’ “Sowing the Seeds of Love.” “Good Day” adds a nice touch with some horns, and there’s some cool percussion on “Numb.” “Electric Chair” has such a brit-pop feel and is a stunning ballad, as is “Sunniest of Weekends.” “Life” brings to mind the mid-1980s Level 42 hit “Something About You.” Okay, there I go with the comparisons again that always get me into trouble with readers. But trust me, I’m right on these. Three of my favorite tracks are buried toward the end of this record. “Here” has an engaging rhythm with a mandolin adding a nice touch in production, “After Tomorrow” shows off Luce’s bare bones talent as a singer/songwriter, and “If I Had the Wind” is a groove power ballad ala the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris”…oops, did I just do that again?

I’m no radio executive, but one thing I would have done here is put the tracks in reverse order, as some of the gems are toward the end. But who am I to suggest going with the flow? This is a really solid effort with some interesting production, but I have a feeling Tom Luce has some even bigger hits up his sleeve. Stay tuned. 

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