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CD Reviews:  Jeremiah Freed by Jeremiah Freed

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This modern rock quintet from Maine has become so successful so fast and it's easy to see why. Having graduated from high school in 2000 and scoring a major label deal within two years must mean there is something special here, and there is. The style is radio-friendly modern rock with hints of classic rock, and radio is a key word. What got them signed was having the number one and number two songs simultaneously on a commercial radio station in Portland, Maine. 

"Stranded" has a dark yet tasty feel, starting off as a guitar and vocal piece that builds into a powerful rock song. "How They All Got Here" and "Again" are the two radio darling songs, the latter being my favorite. If you could imagine a cross between Journey, Toad the Wet Sprocket and Third Eye Blind, this song is it, and it rocks. "Wait for Me" has some rootsy, almost southern influence while "Eyes.Life.Change" has a distinct 1970s-style guitar sound throughout. "Wash Away" shows off the band's tight musicianship and vocal ability, particularly lead vocalist Joe Smith. "Reasons" is another strong, well-crafted song. By now I'm wondering if these guys write good songs in their sleep. "Ginger" is an acoustic track that really shows off Smith's range.

I'm sure most critics will pass this one by, saying it's too "commercial" sounding or that the songs are very similar in structure. But hey, this is my forum, so let me say that having a record full of good rock & roll songs is not a bad thing. I'll put it up against Creed or Nickelback any day.

~Mike Farley 

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