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CD Reviews:  Filter: The Amalgamut

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This hard rock band from Chicago has been around since the mid-1990s, so it's unfair to label them with that annoying yet necessary "nu-metal" genre. What they really sound like is Seattle grunge meets Lifehouse meets Midwest metal. Maybe the latter has something to do with the fact that lead singer Richard Patrick has roots in Cleveland. Either way, Filter's latest is what would make worshippers out of fans of straight-ahead modern rock/pop. It's got hard driving guitars and Patrick's signature screams, but best of all it's got some melody, and some really good songs.

"You Walk Away" is equal parts crunching guitars, drum loops and screams. However it's the first single, "Where Do We Go From Here," that really draws us in -- it's got an acoustic verse and haunting melodic chorus. When Patrick croons "yeah yeah yeah" as he takes this song into the chorus you can feel yourself getting to the top of the big drop on the roller coaster, and enjoying the thrill of the ride down. Songs like "Columind" and "So I Quit" will make even the listener's throat hurt. "The Only Way" and "God Damn Me" have more of that pop radio quality, ala Lifehouse, and are nice diversions from the screaming. 

Basically if you like bands like Linkin Park and Switched, this one will fit nicely into your collection. But these guys have enormous crossover potential, like they could even score some fans from the Vertical Horizon and Matchbox camps without losing their balls, or having their fans kick them there. It's simply one of the better heavy alternative efforts I've heard in a while and Patrick's voice just keeps getting stronger.

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