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CD Reviews:  Film: Rolling

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Every so often we throw some new music in our CD players and want to hit the “replay” button 50 times. In this business I tend to hear a lot of new music and don’t have that reaction all that often, but this EP from the band Film from Atlanta did it for me right from the start. Mixing sweet melody with singsong guitars, a booming rhythm section complete with keys, and lead singer Mike Lee’s vocals which could easily move mountains, these guys have a formula that flat out kicks ass.

The first track, “Chemical Wonder,” is a ballsy rocker with a chorus so infectious you just might be singing along by the second time around. “Q” and “Lead Machine” are power ballads that sound almost like a cross between Fuel and Dishwalla. The opening track and “Get Away” have a Cult feel to them. “Be with Me Now” and “Coming Down” have an almost psychedelic heavy rock sound—if Jim Morrison were alive today this might be what his Doors would sound like in the 21st century. 

I was turned on to this band because they won an award through the Just Plain Folks organization ( and were being spun heavily on JPF’s Internet radio station on Radio Free Virgin, and knew right away that they were above the rest of the pack. The arrangements and production are solid but as soon as Lee opens his mouth you can just feel the magic this band exudes. They have since released a second EP and are working on more. If the labels aren’t courting Film in a big way, they should and will be soon. 

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