CD Review of Comfort In Sound by Feeder

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Comfort In Sound
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Released: 2002
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For a band whose drummer committed suicide just a year ago, British band Feeder has admirably picked up the pieces and moved on with their second release, the aptly titled Comfort In Sound. This is quite a package of songs, combining pop and alternative qualities with varied arrangements that offer something for every listener. The band has a solid following in the U.K., where this record has already achieved gold status and is approaching platinum, and are hoping its subsequent U.S. release mirrors the buzz in their homeland.

“Just the Way I’m Feeling” reminds me of the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris,” but lead singer Grant Nicholas more closely resembles the Gallagher brothers from Oasis in vocal tone. “Come Back Around,” the first single, rocks ferociously. “Child in You” has a gentle electronic quality and the title track is a moody yet memorable anthem for the album. “Forget About Tomorrow” and “Find The Colour” have a distinct U2 feel and make me wonder if this band is looking to achieve that same global recognition. “Summer’s Gone” mixes some grungy guitars and emotive vocals ala Third Eye Blind, while songs like “Godzilla” and “Helium” are in-your-face hi-fi cuts. There are other flavors to this music, as “Quick Fade” reminds me of the Chili Peppers and “Love Pollution” of Oasis. Like I said, there’s something for everyone.

There’s no telling how a band is going to break anymore when a label releases something new, particularly when it’s released in a country that’s been spoon-fed Creed and Creed sound-alikes the last few years. But in my mind, good songs should always prevail, and with any justice Feeder’s new record should put this British band on the map just about everywhere.

~Mike Farley