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CD Reviews:  Review of  It's All in Your Head by Eve 6

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As the modern rock radio format slowly morphs into AAA (adult album alternative), it signifies two things. First, everything always comes back to basic rock & roll. Secondly, we're all getting older. The good thing, though, is that there's still bands like Eve 6, that can take aspects of modern pop/punk and alternative rock and mold them together into a nice package of good songs performed with precision. It's All in Your Head is Eve 6's latest release, and is easily their best yet.

"Without You Here" and "Still Here Waiting" both take pages from the recent success of emo-turned-pop-stars Jimmy Eat World, with an in-your-face guitar and vocal assault right from the start. "Think Twice" is melodic and appears to be tailor made for the AAA format. Yesterday and today come together on "At Least We're Dreaming," a Green Day-esque mid-tempo rocker with big guitar riffs ala Aerosmith or the Black Crowes. "Hey Montana" is a haunting acoustic track and "Bring the Night On" packs a lot of lyrics into the verses with a big open chorus. "Girlfriend" and "Arch Drive Goodbye" are anthemic acoustic-driven pieces similar to their big hit "Here's to the Night" of a few years back. 

All in all, it seems like Eve 6 has found a formula that works for them and their songwriting keeps improving. There's nothing out of the ordinary or groundbreaking here, but as good bands go, there is a maturity progression that is expected from label bosses and radio programmers, and with It's All in Your Head, Eve 6 delivers just that. 

~Mike Farley 

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