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CD Reviews:  Danny Wood: Second Face

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A lot of guys visiting our Website grew up rolling their eyes as their girlfriends swooned over teen sensation New Kids on the Block. Over a decade later, one of them has not only surfaced again, but has done so as a singer/songwriter with a solid collection of pop/rock songs. Danny Wood is all grown up and so is his ability to sing and write catchy tunes that would be at home on commercial pop radio today. 

“Home” is a song about being on the road and has a feel somewhere between Richard Marx and a male version of Natalie Imbruglia. The first single is “When the Lights Go Out,” the chorus of which bears the closest resemblance to a New Kids tune. But we’re not here to make comparisons anymore, as this record can and should stand on its own merit. “Suburbia” is a slickly produced satire about life in the suburbs today. There’s a good balance of guitars and percussion loops in songs like “Broke Me Down” and “What If,” though the loops do tend to get repetitious after a few songs. “Goodbye” is a strong ballad reminiscent of the Counting Crows or maybe what Creed would sound like if they had a real singer. “Molly” has a salsa flavor, possibly a product of Wood’s southern Florida surroundings. “Second Face” takes a while to develop but has a nice acoustic chord progression weaved around a solid rhythm section.

The thing about this record is there’s really not a bad song on it. They’re all neatly crafted pop songs with nice arrangements and production. If I have one beef with Wood’s freshman effort, it’s that there’s 16 songs on it, where 10 or 11 would have left me satisfied and looking forward to his next CD. But that’s just me -- in this age of free downloads, a lot of you want more for less. Either way, Danny Wood is going to make some new fans and rekindle a few flames with this release. 

Second Face has a tentative release date of May 20th 2003

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