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CD Reviews:  Caitlin Cary: I'm Staying Out

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The alt-country genre is slowly becoming more mainstream, as evidenced by the sophomore solo effort from Caitlin Cary, a founding member of the band Whiskeytown. Cary has a way with melody and a sweet, smooth voice that lands somewhere between Christine McVie and Mary Chapin Carpenter. This is a good pop record with enough fiddle (which Cary plays herself) and bar room piano to put it at home in the alt-country category.

“Empty Rooms” is the kind of song that could school a budding songwriter -- it’s pure addictive pop ala Fleetwood Mac with perfectly structured verses, choruses and bridge. “Sleepin’ in on Sunday” is about turning off the phone and lounging around, something we can all relate to but never thought to write about. “You Don’t Have to Hide” sounds like a throwback tune with a 1970s Linda Ronstadt flavor. “The Next One” and “Beauty Fades Away” are pretty, mid-tempo ballads that are songwriting gems. And get ready to cry in your beer to the title track, which I’m sure is what Cary intended. There are some filler tracks toward the end, but hey, that’s the case with almost every CD on the market today. 

Fans of Whiskeytown will find enough on this record to satisfy their palate, but I’m Staying Out should also help generate a broader fan base for Caitlin Cary. It’s pop, it’s rock, and it’s country. The record executives would call that crossover, but I call it a collection of good songs and a solid record you won’t easily tire of. 

~Mike Farley 

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