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CD Reviews:  Budapest: Too Blind to Hear


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As alternative rock has run the gamut from new age to nu-metal to rap-rock, it’s always nice to hear a band that mixes melodies with heartfelt lyrics to come up with something completely unique. It’s even better when the band and its songs are good, which happens to be the case here with the major label debut of Britain’s Budapest. Together since 1999, this band from Leamington Spa (near Oxford) named themselves after the Hungarian capital because they were "gritty in places, sophisticated in others.” 

“Is This the Best It Gets?” kicks off this record with the very same lyrics, and as the catchy acoustic riff gives way to the band jumping in, you’re left to ponder life right from the start. “Look You in the Eye” is a hauntingly pretty minor chord-laced song that would be at home on a Neil Finn record, complete with bittersweet harmonies. “Wake Up Call” is the perfect song for a rainy day, and has a distinct Oasis feel to it. Same with “Evade the Pain,” which starts off with a soft piano and vocal but packs so much emotion even before the band joins in and has one of the catchiest choruses of anything I’ve heard in a while. “Censored Memories” has more of a crunching guitar attack but “Save the Day” has a bit of a tired anthem feel to it. “Time” is a nice piano ballad while the slickly produced “Nothing New” closes out this set with another hint of Crowded House.

Melodic songs seem to be coming back around, thankfully. But more than that, it’s always nice to hear a band play their instruments with precision while creating good, solid music. Budapest intertwines many influences, and the result is a well-crafted freshman effort that is pleasing to the ear and to the mind. 

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