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CD Reviews:  Breaking Benjamin: Saturate

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There's a long list of bands that have spawned from the nu-metal phenomenon, but every once in a while there comes one that deserves a little more credit for just being a good band. Breaking Benjamin is one of those. Hailing from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, this four-piece band rocks harder than a lot of their counterparts on the radio, the difference being their ability to write songs with choruses you can actually sing to.

"I Wish I May" starts out real heavy and busts into a real sing-song chorus ala Linkin Park and Filter. "Medicate" is along the same lines but with more of a Seattle grunge feel. The first single is "Polyamorous," which showcases singer Ben Burnley's ability to scream and also to sing like the genre dictates him to, but overall it's a very catchy tune. At times the band resembles a more modern version of Bush, especially in songs like "Natural Life" and "Phase." But it's when Breaking Benjamin strips things down a bit that their talent as songwriters shines through. Some of the best songs in my opinion are "Next to Nothing" and "No Games," which have more crossover-to-mainstream potential ala Lifehouse and the Calling. By the last two tracks, I was left wanting more of that style, but got instead another dose of the hard stuff.

It's almost criminal to have to pigeonhole a band like Breaking Benjamin into the so-called "Active Rock" format. They have much more potential than that. In fact, do me a favor, bookmark this page. If "Next to Nothing" catapults this band into at least 15 minutes of fame, I have the right to say I told you so. If not, you can tell me to shut up. Meanwhile, pick this one up and be sure to play it loud. 

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