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CD Reviews:  Review of For Stars and Moon by Angie Aparo

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Anyone who has ever seen Angie Aparo live  knows he has one of those voices that soar like a stunt plane over mountain ranges. Unfortunately, that live energy doesn’t necessarily translate on Aparo’s latest effort, For Stars and Moon, but we won’t hold that against him. Why? Because the songs, as usual, are amazing. Aparo is no stranger to writing great songs, having penned Faith Hill’s smash hit, “Cry.” Still, he manages to bring things up a notch with this collection.

The first track, “Hard Woman to Love,” is a harmonica and piano-driven piece with Beatlesque melodies. “She’s Alright by Me” has a powerful chorus and incredible dynamics, the same dynamics that make Aparo such a captivating live performer. “Broken” is a punchy song with very cool twists and turns of melody and chord changes.
And I hate to keep comparing Aparo to the Beatles, but “Shine On” and “Love” evoke just that, along with maybe Tom Petty. “Sweet Loretta” is a very catchy, made-for-radio piece and “Child of the Revolution” is an emotive song Aparo wrote about his son. 

It’s really hard to pigeonhole Angie Aparo to a specific genre or radio format, which may explain why he never took off as an artist when he was signed to Arista. Lucky for music fans like me who appreciate great songs, the lack of a major label backing has not deterred Aparo’s career. This is probably his best collection of songs yet, and he just keeps getting better. For the full experience, be sure to catch him live when he comes to your town, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

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