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Jamey,'s senior editor, is the young pup of the site's regular CD reviewers. Born and, for the most part, raised in Northeast Ohio, Jamey grew up in a household filled with the sounds of The Beatles, Neil Young, The Eagles, Elton John and The Marshall Tucker Band; unfortunately, his taste for classic rock didn't fully develop until years later when he migrated south to Ohio University for four years of partying and even a few journalism classes. The grunge invasion of the early 1990s was perhaps the most significant period for Jamey in terms of musical influence and to this day, Pearl Jam stands alone atop his list of favorite artists. But his tastes aren't limited to Eddie Vedder and Company; in fact, Jamey prides himself on just how diverse his growing collection of CDs has become over the years, ranging from James Taylor, U2, Tom Petty and Oasis to the Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, Outkast and Sublime.

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Pearl Jam: Vitalogy
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Stone Temple Pilots:
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Pete Yorn:
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